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Cookies til they come home!

Get to baking, ladies!

Let's all make their time away that much easier!
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This community was created for everyone who wants to make a lonely soldiers day a little brighter. For all the guys who don't have girlfriends/wives/families back home, cuz we all know they are out there, this community was created for them.

When you join the community, make an introductory post, and I will send you an/the address which to mail your package too. Each package should include at least 1 homemade baked-good, and anything else you think will make their day. Snacks, like chips, candy bars, etc, are all great add-ins. From personal family experience (husband and several cousins), i know they like getting things like kool-aid mixes and personal hygeine items that they can't really get over there, such as Axe and Tag brands. But mainly Baked-goods.

Once you have sent something out, please post what you send them, and the recipe to whichever thing you baked for them. I will be making an Index of baking recipes that people have already posted, and you will be able to find them at the bottom of the user-info. Also, so your soldier doesn't suspect someone is trying to kill him, write a letter or not, and put in on top of the itrems in the box, introducing yourself and our group. Give them your email address, so they can thank you, if they get some time online. Also, urge them to give you a buddies address so you can fork it over to me to add to soldiers to send packages to.

I am very new at this, and so, any help, with layouts, and experience anyone may have, i will gladly accept. My email address is Lizziey@Livejournal.com, but you can reach me much easier at Poohgrlll@yahoo.com. please always make the subject line "bake_4_soldiers" so that i do not erase it, thinking it is a virus. I'm a bit of a stickler for it.

Thank you.